Lila Kurosawa

The Warrior of Light who dances through the darkness.

Full Name: Devika
Alias(es): Lila Kurosawa, Warrior of Light, Warrior of Darkness
Age: 27
Race: AuRa | Raen
Gender: Female
Status: Alive & Married (SO is Thancred)
Class(es): White Mage (ARR) Dancer (HW - EW)
Patron Guardian: Menphima, the Lover
Origin: Primal | Exodus | Thavnair

Cooking - Despite not exactly being a culinarian, Lila is quite skilled in making desserts based on nature.
Music - She doesn't really play instruments like a Bard but she is a good singer.
Pictures - Ever since meeting Noctis, she's been interested in them and is always up to take one with friends.
Adventuring - As she had started out as an adventurer in Eorzea, Lila has always been interested in exploring and traveling as a child in Thavnair. Much so that she often got into trouble with Vrtra and the satrap.

Kindness - Lila's kind heart, no matter who you are, will make her view everyone as a friend, making it extremely difficult to fight someone who started out as a friend.
Usefulness - She completely believes that unless she can do something alone, she is useless. She will never ask another for help, keeping her warm smile through everything.
Protective - While she does whatever she can to avoid fighting, she won't hesitate to attack those who harm those she considers family.

  • Do not force me to do ERP. Discuss with me first but please note that she is in a relationship and loyal to her husband. If you are open to roleplaying as Thancred, just give me a heads up.

  • Lila is open to friendships but please acknowledge that she will keep things at a distance if you do flirt.

  • Note that this character is viewed as the Warrior of Light therefore any roleplay with her will have her in that role.

  • Don't hesitate to spoil anything through Endwalker MSQ. Just know that I have not done every side quest in the game.

  • Lila has a tendency to adopt those younger than her, especially Elezen and Lalafells as she has adopted the twins and Ryne.

More will be added in time.

  • Thancred - Lila's husband. While she merely thought he was eye candy at first, she grew to care about him during her travels. When did she fall in love with this player? No one knows. She loves him deeply and isn't afraid to kill anyone who harms him.

  • Alphinaud - Her first adopted child. She never really thought much of him at first but soon adopted him in name. Lila openly teases him but always supports his endevours for diplomacy.

  • Alisaie - Lila immediately adored Alisaie from the moment she met her. If anything, they are quite alike and she knows full well how that can be. The AuRa offers her comfort through hugs and simple things. During the events of Post-ShB, she officially adopted her and her brother and has yet to forgive Fourchenault for his words.

  • Y'shtola - One of her closest friends if not best friend. Lila is open to joking around with the Miqo'te, calling her mom or wife on occasion.

  • Ryne - Her latest adopted child. Despite her relationship with her husband not completely blossoming until after the events of post ShB, she treated the girl very sweetly, almost akin to a mother. Now that she's married to the girl's self proclaimed father, it was only natural that she'd call herself Ryne's mother and she couldn't be more proud of her adorable Hyur daughter.